Leadership is Everything

In business, non-profit, education, government, and any other human endeavor that requires human organization leadership is not just important – leadership is everything. An organization’s leverage in the marketplace rests almost entirely on the strength of its leadership talent.

Likewise, the growth your  organization is limited by the quality of your leaders.

Poor leadership sub-optimizes profits and growth and increases costs through turnover and reduced employee engagement. It wrecks productivity, destroys an organization’s culture, and steals joy from the workplace. In fact, 75% of employees state that the most stressful part of the workplace is their boss. One researcher on a study of leadership in the workplace stated that “relationships in the workplace between managers and employees are at an all time low.
About People Follow You Performance Systems
We help companies, teams, and individuals transform their organizations and accelerate performance through intense focus on interpersonal relationships in the workplace. We believe that leaders of all levels can evolve into men and women who engender respect, loyalty and the admiration of those they lead. Our mission is to provide leaders and organizations with a framework for leading people in the modern workplace. With this framework companies, teams, and individuals will transform their organizations, accelerate performance and reach their true potential.