Building Your Talent Circle

Talent Circle Analysis

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Building Your Talent Circle

Today’s most innovative leaders are consciously developing and surrounding themselves with what is now being termed a “talent circle.”  The most effective and competitive leaders are those that are constantly evaluating their talent mix and learning how to leverage their unique and individual talents to build a strong and cohesive team.

As your team members gain a deeper understanding of one another’s unique abilities, skills and talent, they are more efficient, have higher trust levels, are more effective in communicating, and will have the ability to easily and effectively determine when their talents are most effectively applied and when it would be better left to one of their fellow teammates.

This comprehensive Talent Circle Package includes the following:

Diagnostic Reports providing the following information for individual team members :

  • Core strengths and potential development areas or blockers that can interfere with your effectiveness
  • Strengths and Blockers in terms of risk level (lowest to highest)
  • Critical Performance Dimensions – prioritized in terms of the net talent you are currently paying attention to and value (highest access to lowest access)
  • Provides insight and understanding of your personal behavioral style
  •  Tools for building and maintaining rapport with others
  •  Tools to help you positively influence others, improve leadership performance, increase productivity and develop valuable communication and relationship skill
  • The priority and strength you give to the seven human workplace drivers and motivators which influence your decision making process and guides your unique application of your capabilities, skills and abilities in the workplace

A comprehensive, customized team report identifying your current Talent Circle (your team’s unique abilities, skills and talents), team talent dynamics (core talent and missing talent) and team talent interaction (how each individual’s talents relate to the talents of the other team members)

A Customized Talent Circle Action Plan

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