DISCstyles™ People Follow You Leadership Report

DISCstyles Leadership Report (Self-service)

People Follow You DISC Styles Leadership ReportEffective leaders are masters at inspiring people to take action. They are living proof that people don’t work for companies, paychecks, incentives, stock options, fear, power or fancy slogans — people work for you.  The ability to create and stay in relationship with people is a fundamental skill in leadership and everyday life. The goal of the DISCstyles Leadership Report is to help you have a deeper understanding of your own behavioral style and provide tools for building and maintaining rapport with others. You do not have to change who you are; you simply have to understand what drives people and recognize your options for effectively influencing and leading them. Armed with the right information, nearly every leadership interaction can be a success.

Unlike many other behavioral assessments, our 40+-page report is as much prescriptive (remedies for connecting with others) as descriptive (helping you understand your own behavioral style). In other words, we spend as much time teaching you how to improve your own productivity and interpersonal interactions as we do describing your natural DISC behavioral style. We realize that you are about to invest money and time into our assessment, so we want you to come away with effective learning strategies you can test and implement immediately. The DISCstyles Leadership Report has two parts:


  • Your General Characteristics
  • Your Strengths & Work Style Tendencies
  • Your Communication Do’s and Don’ts
  • Communication Plans (how to work with all Four Behavioral Styles)
  • Your Ideal Work Environment (work environments where you will be most effective)
  • Your Behavior and Needs Under Stress
  • Your Typical Behaviors in Conflict (with strategies to reduce conflict and increase harmony with others)
  • Words to describe your Natural and Adapted Style
  • Your Motivations (wants and needs)
  • Potential Areas for Improvement
  • Your Personal Style Summary Worksheet
  • Your Personalized Styles and Behavioral Pattern View Graphs



  • Application of Your  Behavioral Style
  • The Four Basic DISC Styles Overview Chart
  • How To Identify Another Person’s Behavioral Style
  • Understanding Behavioral Adaptability
  • How to Modify Your Directness and Openness
  • Tension Among the Styles (overview and worksheet)
  • Building/Maintaining Rapport Throughout the Management/Leadership Process
  • Tools For Leading People:  Developing Your People; Adapting Your Communication Style; Helping People Reach Decisions; Motivating Your People; Complimenting Your People; Counseling Your People; Correcting Your People; Delegating to Your People; Acknowledging Your People; and Adapting Your Leadership Style

Many people who have purchased this assessment report they no longer feel like “just the boss”; they feel, behave and are treated like a trusted advisor.  They have increased ability to help people find solutions to their problems and more adept at helping others grow and succeed.

Price: $59.00