Leadership Style Inventory

The Leadership Style Inventory and Personalized Review

Leadership Styles Inventory Self-awareness of your personal style and your leadership potential is critical to becoming a more effective leader.  The most effective leaders have an understanding of their personal behavioral style, values, beliefs, workplace drivers, strengths and potential performance blockers, and have the confidence to adjust their style when in relationship with other people.

This comprehensive The Leadership Style Inventory Package includes the following:

A personal Leadership Skills Report, measuring 108 Leadership Performance Factors that reside within the 9 Pathways to Effective Leadership:

  • Your core strengths and potential development areas or blockers that can interfere with your effectiveness (measured in each of the  four major dimensions of leadership which drive overall leadership capacity – People, Tasks/Projects, Systems and Self-Management
  • Leadership Strengths and Blockers in terms of risk level (lowest to highest)
  • 9 Critical Leadership Performance Dimensions – prioritized in terms of the net talent you are currently paying attention to and value (highest access to lowest access)

The DISCstyle Leadership Report:  (for a more detailed description, click here) Provides insight and understanding of your personal behavioral style

  • Tools for building and maintaining rapport with others
  •  Tools to help you positively influence others, improve leadership performance, increase productivity and develop valuable communication and relationship skills

The Workplace Drivers Report measures the priority and strength you give to the seven human workplace drivers and motivators which influence your decision making process and guides your unique application of your capabilities, skills and abilities in the workplace

A 30-minute personal coaching session with one of our qualified leadership talent specialists

An easy to implement Personal Action Plan

 Price:   $399